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Title: “producción y comercialización de pan de harina de papa en la ciudad de Guayaquil
Authors: Córdova Haro, Andrea Teresa
Luna Rodríguez, Javier Alejandro
Ronquillo Alarcón, Angélica María
Bastidas Riofrío, Giovanny
Keywords: PAN
Issue Date: 2-Sep-2010
Abstract: This paper has been prepared as a study project for the installation of a micro site dedicated to the development and marketing of bread made from flour of potatoes with the name of "Rico Papapan " In chapter one will analyze key factors such as economic and social influence the creation of microenterprises, as well as some information on the number of consumers of bread that live in the city of Guayaquil with the required characteristics. In chapter two will be carried out market research which specify the type of sampling and its conclusions. Other important variables that will be examined in the SWOT analysis, marketing plan, among others. It will also require technical and organizational study which will describe the design, layout and requirements, in the organizational study will know the number of employees and workers to the company. Chapter three will be based on financial analysis that will determine the feasibility and profitability of the draft agreement to develop a sensitivity analysis of projected cash flow for a period of five years.
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