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Title: Reingeniería del restaurant clarita
Authors: Gómez Briones, Pedro
Fernández Ruiz, Víctor
Issue Date: 11-Oct-2010
Abstract: This work is based on the concepts used for administrative, financial and service reengineering applied to Restaurant Clarita; which has remained in the business of catering sector for over 30 years, located in the city of Guayaquil, experiencing a gradually growth, based on the quality of the products, as well as the personalized attention of his owner. Restaurant Clarita offers its customers, prepared meals, such as soups, mashed potatoes, meat, beans, pork chop rice, as well as the combination of these ingredients. The restaurant is located at Alcedo 1317 and Los Ríos, and it is open for business from Monday to Sunday from the 5pm to 3am. The restaurant has a family atmosphere that makes it comfortable for the customers. It has a wide costumers diversity, focusing heavily on people over 30 years, which by tradition have been faithful to the business. There is also evidence of growth in the market of costumers, that have less than 30 years ,which induces us to consider that when it comes to quality and service, it has accomplished with our customer expectations. Knowing these important business background, we decided to implement a management, financial and service reengineering, which allow us to formalize all of the business processes. Using also, management tools, we will increase the business potential, and improve the business evolution. The development of this re-engineering, has revealed that against the aggressive market catering, Clarita has important strengths of product quality, response time to customer needs and has a business economy with no debt, allowing opportunities improvement can be accommodated in this work. The investigation has established that the strengths have allowed him to stay, without establishing a business strategy that will enable progress in the future with a more aggressive growth, as is evident today with the fast food
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