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Title: Coproducción de un programa de tv: “viviendo saludable”
Authors: Castelo Tai-Hing, Daniel Gustavo
Macías Velasteguí, Diana Ruth
Sotomayor Peralta, Piedad Elizabeth
Ceballos, Javier
Issue Date: 11-Oct-2010
Abstract: The present investigation contains a dynamic television show proposal, where contents such as healthy cooking, exercises, and health care prevention advices and tips are merged in one single show. Each episode focus in different aspects about leading of a healthy life, watching all episodes will improve the life style and health of our audience in different levels. This project also details the functions and building of a production manual for a television show of this genre, explaining the whole audiovisual process since the conception and development of the idea, all the way through to the final product and the possible business options in order to sell it to a local television channel or network.
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