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Title: Indigenous Students’ Perceptions Towards Learning English: A Study In A Public University
Authors: Flores, Jorge
Heredia Arboleda, Edgar Eduardo
Issue Date: 19-Aug-2017
Publisher: Espol
Citation: Heredia Arboleda, Edgar Eduardo (2017). Indigenous Students’ Perceptions Towards Learning English: A Study In A Public University. Trabajo final para la obtención del título:Magister en Enseñanza de Inglés como Lengua Extranjera. Espol. Fcsh, Guayaquil. 118 p.
Description: The research aimed to find out in depth the english language learning experiences of indigenous students in a public university. A research question guided the current research which allowed comprehending the degree of interference of indigenous’ mothertongue. this research question also led me to explore sociological issues which reflect a loss of culture due to an endogenous migration accompanied by a failed citizenship. (banks, 2015). This work was an exploratory study which involved solely qualitativemethods. the target population consisted of 30 indigenous participants divided into twogroups. the first group comprised of two indigenous students with whom the class observation and the phenomenological interview were carried out. as to the other 28 indigenous participants, they were requested to complete a questionnaire which allowed comparing their perception with the other two participants.
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