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Title: Cresolase, catecholase and laccase activities in haemocytes of the red swamp crayfish
Authors: Cardenas Medranda, Washington Bolívar
Dankert, John R.
Issue Date: 31-May-1999
Abstract: Phenoloxidase activity in crayfish haemocyte lysates and extracts of haemocyte membranes were studied using native PAGE and SDS-PAGE gels and staining for cresolase, catecholase and laccase activities. The activation of the proenzyme, prophenoloxidase to phenoloxidase, in native PAGE was demonstrated following exposure to SDS. By staining samples separated in SDSPAGE followed by renaturation, a high molecular mass phenoloxidase activity was identified in both the soluble and membrane fractions of haemocyte preparations. The membrane-associated activity appeared at only relatively high molecular mass (>300 kDa), and could easily be eluted from membranes using detergents or NaCl. Further, this membrane-associated activity has a catecholase activity but not the cresolase activity seen in the soluble preparations. In addition, several other phenoloxidase enzymes were identified with di#erent relative mobilities (250, 80, 72 and 10 kDa). Crayfish haemocytes also contained laccase activity, thought to be restricted to cuticle sclerotisation in the integument. Laccase activity in haemocytes might aid in the formation of capsule used to contain pathogens.
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