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Title: Proyecto de creación de un hotel orientado a ejecutivos y turistas de clase media y alta en el sector norte de la ciudad de Guayaquil como expansión de una actual cadena hotelera.
Authors: Sanabria Quiñonez, Greta María
Zambrano Santana, María Luisa
Issue Date: 13-Oct-2009
Abstract: The following thesis seeks to promote the return that could have the opened of a new five-star hotel in the city of Guayaquil, with the advantage that it is a expanding of a existing hotel. Guayaquil is growing rapidly as demand for hotels is increasing. The New Hotel is aimed at satisfying the demand among employers and upper middle class who, for their economic potential, can not go to a five star hotel for foreign capital, since these remain the most high prices in the hotel market. At present there are no market Ecuadorian five star hotels that wish to exploit this market, this could be the first in the city of Guayaquil. According to the financial study conducted has shown that the new hotel is viable and profitable as it yields a VAN of U.S. $ 56,213,634 U.S. dollars, while theTIR is 95%, giving the two results are very favorable for the realization of New Five Star Hotel.
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