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Title: Proyecto de inversión para la elaboración y comercialización de un snack artesanal a base de papa china orgánica para el consumo del mercado Guayaquileño
Authors: Posligua Bran, Raquel Yrma
Ramos Yepez, Lissette Mercedes
Suárez Reyes, Heliana Mabel
Mendoza Macías, Oscar Emigdio
Issue Date: 9-Nov-2009
Abstract: The aim of this study is to constantly the feasibility of a factory to construct the project of the Papa China as Snack for the consumption of the persons, with the required quality to satisfy customer needs, continuously improve the production process, managed to cover all the demand which allows us to demonstrate with firmness that we are a company that offers a good service to a reasonable cost and in turn to deliver in time and to the minor possible cost the product to our authorized distributors; this is achieved by a personnel qualified and compromised with the raised aims. The value of the creation of this project is that it does not exist the similar one that offers this class of products with this type of properties. The results were successful for the development of the project to an accessible price to the consumer and the acceptance of the market; taking the city of Guayaquil as our point of distribution.
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