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Title: Determinación de necesidades para la implementación de haciendas bananeras turísticas en la vía triunfo piedrero. caso de estudio: hacienda erigasan.
Authors: Pérez Langarano, María Verónica
Mazzini Echeverría, María Gabriela
Gavilanes Valle, Julio
Issue Date: 29-Dec-2009
Abstract: This project is focused to achieve a link between the tourist sector and the community whose main goal is the offer of Agroturism sustainable farms, where we have to decide its needs, in order to develop the Agroturism in the region. It´s necessary to remind that the Agroturism has not spread out it to the maximum in our country, because though it is true, we possess the natural and cultural resources, but do not possess the indispensable infrastructure. Across the chapters in this thesis we will be able to find: an analysis and diagnosis of the Tourist System to determine the needs of the farms by a study of the elements of the system that are find in the zone, a graphical detailed offer of the needs and a model of the farms that contains the interpretation and signposting necessary for the facilities of the tourists; and, an offer of tourist needs for agro farms , in order that the farms of the sector have a model of development of rural tourism, reminding the realized study; which have been our specific goals from the beginning of our investigation.
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