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Title: Portal web para la comercialización de urinaríos ecológicos como apoyo a la preservación del ecosistema
Authors: Iñiguez, J.
Rocha, C.
Zavala, S.
Galio, G.
Issue Date: 25-Jan-2010
Abstract: In this present project aims to bring to market a new option of saving in the consumption of one nonrenewable natural resources and important as it is water, using environmentally friendly urinals that seek to maintain and improve the ecosystem of the city and the planet. The alternative proposed for marketing needs of environmental health by creating a Web portal for dissemination of the product, displaying information such as product characteristics, the reasons for their importance, models to choose from, the service local sales and online, offering customers more easily, getting a better product penetration in the local market and further expansion of the business to other sectors. One of the objectives pursued by this thesis is to support the development of green products that protect the environment in Ecuador, initially in the industrial sector by reducing costs in the consumption of water, with its attendant benefits, while promoting an awareness of citizenship savings and preservation of this nonrenewable resource.
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