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dc.contributor.authorArregui Cruz, Teresa-
dc.contributor.authorBenalcázar Décker, Jorge-
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dc.description.abstractBelonging to the province of Napo, Quijos canton is located in the middle of the Sierra and Amazon regions of our country, this strategic location makes the paradise site an attractive addition aquaculture activities specifically to develop the culture of Rainbow Trout (Onchorichus Mykiss). As we´ve seen through the routes to that site, in the last decade the community has been dedicated to small-scale production of such species, which has contributed to the daily livelihood of many in the sector, but due to the limited training this activity has not developed as it could and indeed is wasting the existing installed capacity. Found 8 fish farm of which are 6 products that contribute to 44 lb/m2. Of annual production, they also offer a research and production development class called CENIAC (Centro Nacional de Investigación Acuícola), located in Papallacta. Of course population growth is generating jobs and lack of income which leads to the search for news sources and this particular case the optimization of current resources to help improve the quality of life for members of the community involved.en
dc.titleCaracterización y propuesta técnica de la acuacultura en la zona de quijos, provincia de Napoen
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