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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Mar-2016Action Research Plan For Developing Reading-For-Pleasure Habits Of EFL Learners' At An Ecuadorian UniversityShaw, Dara Gay; Rivadeneira Barreiro, Julio César
13-Mar-2016A Study Of EFL Teachers In EcuadorFlores Herrera, Jorge; Alvarez Plaza, Alina Del Rocio
20-Aug-2017Influence Of Intensive Reading Practice In The Development Of Skimming Skills In Elementary Undergraduate Students At An Ecuadorian Public UniversityRhodes, Lauren; Burgos Macias, Angela Lilibeth
14-Oct-2017The Experiences Of Two Blind Efl Learners In An Ecuadorian NGO, a Case StudyMaloney, Dennis P; Bravo Montenegro, Marco Antonio
20-Aug-2017Impact On Vocabulary Acquisition On University A1 Efl Students’ Performances Through GamesFlores, Jorge; Martinez Abarca, Sonnia Carlota; Sánchez Cano, Wendy Nathalie
20-Mar-2016Development Of Materials For Teaching EFL Reading At Third Grade Level In EcuadorMaloney, Dennis P; Dupuis Rittenhouse, Karin Ingrid
12-Mar-2016What Are The Perceptions Of EFL Secondary Students Regarding The Use Of Journal WritingShaw, Dara Gay; Bermudes Rugel, Luis Humberto
5-Mar-2016Implementing And Designing a Vocabulary Study Program: English For Academic Purposes In An Ecuadorian University.Shaw, Dara Gay; Moreira Cuadros, Loretta
28-Feb-2016Students' Perceptions Of The Use Of SIDWEB For Learning English Writing Skills In An Ecuadorian University.Shaw, Dara Gay; Fernandez Berducci, Roxana Alejandra
5-Mar-2016English For Ecuadorian Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Students.Shaw, Dara Gay; Camacho Rivadeneira, Maria Helen