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Title: Ecuadorian University English Teachers Perceptions Of Communicative Language Teaching
Authors: Gay Shaw, Dara. dir.
Machado Encalada, Lourdes Teresa
Issue Date: 10-Feb-2019
Publisher: Espol
Citation: Machado Encalada, Lourdes Teresa (2013). Ecuadorian University English Teachers Perceptions Of Communicative Language Teaching. Trabajo final para la obtención del título: Master in Teaching English as a Foreign Language Espol FCSH, Guayaquil. 171
Description: This thesis is based on the ethnographic research study of five ecuadorian university english teachers’ perceptions of communicative language teaching (clt). This study explores their beliefs and perceptions and describes their methodological practices related to communicative language teaching in an ecuadorian university context. It shows the relationship of the teachers’ theories of clt to the reality of their classroom practices. At the moment this qualitative research study was being carried out, these five educators volunteered themselves for participating in it. They where working in the same public university campus located in a major ecuadorian city. the data were collected through observations, field notes, questionnaires, interviews, audio and video recording. The general trend for the teachers was to use more and more communicative activity as the study progressed because they were more focused on it.
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