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dc.contributor.authorAcebo, A.-
dc.contributor.authorCorrea, S.-
dc.contributor.authorProaño Cadena, Gaston Nicolas-
dc.contributor.authorTerreros, C.-
dc.contributor.authorPindo, C.-
dc.description.abstractThe present work shows the definition of the massive concrete, sketches principal limits to generate a plan of control of materials used for the manufacture of the same one. It includes an elementary introduction to the considerations for the design of dosings, showing the steps and tables used to generate an efficient design. It exposes basic concepts to generate a plan of quality control of the concrete in fresh condition, considering the distinctive behavior of the massive concrete. This document refers to the massive concrete placed in site. To elaborate a plan of tests of concrete dosings, to ratify the thermal behavior of the mixture. These recommendations are applicable in considerable works of magnitude. The steps recommended by the norm are exposed to continuing the designs of a dosing concrete, also field experience with materials of the Guayaquil city are shared.en
dc.titleControl en agregados y hormigón fresco para diseño de hormigón masivo, experiencia en obra con varias consistencias y resistenciasen
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