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  • Montaño Armijos, Mariano De Jesús (2010-01-04)
    To develop Azolla Anabaena (AA) cultivation to increase rice yields, reducing or eliminating the dependency on imported fertilizers.
  • Montaño Armijos, Mariano (2009-11-08)
    To increase rice yields and reduce dependency on imported artificial nitrogen fertilizers through the cultivation of Azolla Anabaena (AA) as a nitrogenic biofertilizer.
  • Montaño Armijos, Mariano De Jesús; Tacle Galárraga, Moisés (2012-12-03)
    The Project “Converting Rice Field into Green Fertilizer Factories” was one of the most important challenges and opportunities of the ESPOL of recent times, as it has forged new paradigms in agriculture, health, environment, ...
  • Montaño Armijos, Mariano De Jesús (2011-05-04)
    This Project will also contribute to acquiring more knowledge about the Guayas Ecosystem. This ecosystem is a good representation of the global tropical area, and is composed by the Gulf of Guayaquil and connecting watersheds, ...
  • Sanfeliu Montolío, Teófilo (2010-09-26)
    La impresionante extensión, diversidad y potencial del Ecosistema Guayas, brinda asiento al Proyecto Azolla y este lugar, por su excepcional posición planetaria, configuración, productividad y megadiversidad, despierta ...
  • Montaño Armijos, Mariano De Jesús (2012-06-12)
    The term organic has been created to indicate that a food is good for health. Also the technics and agricultural products are called organic if they are directed to organic production. But this concept does not analyze ...
  • Montaño Armijos, Mariano De Jesús (2011-07-05)
    Proyecto Conversion de los campos de arroz en fábricas de abono

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