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Title: Valoración incremental del desarrollo de una tarjeta de crédito denominada “productiva” para clientes de micro crédito pertenecientes al segmento preferencial de una imfs
Authors: Crespo Meza, Byron
Zurita Erazo, Sonia
Issue Date: 4-May-2010
Abstract: This item does available to businesspersons a credit card with features that meet their financing needs of microbusiness but not of consumption and it states the feasibility to develop this financial product in this sector taking in consideration important variables about of product characteristics and the focus to a different market making it a new product. This card offers significant benefits to customers with good credit "good customers". Also MFIs (Micro Financial Institutions) can get benefits from a product that generate more commercial activity and create loyal and responsible customers who notice a difference in the attention between then and new customers or not responsible people, besides it opens for investment and savings from strategic partners who accept the card as payment. The incremental flow result shows that it is a profitable project, it was discussed in various scenarios and the result always shows a profit determining the feasibility of using the card PRODUCTIVE as a microfinancial tool that provides benefits for both preferential customers and the institution that offers it.
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