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Title: Estudio de factibilidad economica para el establecimiento de una cafeteria heladeria en la ciudad de Guayaquil
Authors: Moreno M., Juan Carlos Daniel
Paredes W., Alex
Álvarez Ordoñez, Felipe
Issue Date: 25-May-2010
Abstract: To carry on a study of economical factibility to determine whether or not it is profitable to set a business in which combines the sales of ice cream and coffee with the objective that a family can share a product of their preference. Despite of Ecuador being a coffee consumer, there were not many places where you could buy this beverage. 15 years ago there didn't exist a place where you could enjoy a cup of coffee and since then there have been a rage of places such as: Sweet and Coffee. Juan Valdez and some others. Similar to these some ice crem shops had also begun a great business such as: Fragola, Sorbeto, places where family and public get together to enjoy these kinds of beverages and desserts. Fortunately ther's an opportunity to combine both coffee and ice cream where the young ones can choose for ice cream and adults for cup of coffee.
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