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Title: Caracterización y propuesta técnica de la acuicultura en el cantón jaramijó
Authors: Martin, Richard
Rivera, Juan Carlos
Marcillo, Fabrizio
Issue Date: 14-Jul-2010
Abstract: The canton Jaramijó has historically been a pioneer in the cultivation of shrimp larvae and marine fish in Ecuador. The beginnings of aquaculture activities in this area date back to 1981.A although usually it has been confused with the neighboring canton of Manta, in reality this has been the main center of development of the shrimp larvae culture in the province. In this area we have developed crops of many species of fish, and even today there is a marine aquaculture project very interesting. We believe that the characteristics of the area presents ideal conditions for aquaculture development in the future. Technical proposals of this study are: To give clear and fair regulations to promote sustainable mariculture. Promote the establishment of a laboratory unionization in the area. Develop and encourage implementation of mariculture of fish in cages. Exploiting the economic capacity of the fishing industry to develop mariculture. Conveniently close to the naval base. Socialize and make the inhabitants of the area of interest and part of mariculture projects for their own development. Encourage the area as the center of the fish mariculture in the country. And take advantage of the physical availability of land and idle facilities.
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