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Title: Implementación de una nueva variedad de banano para incrementar la productividad del cultivo
Authors: Loayza Herrera, Dennys Arturo
Nowak Moreano, Jose Luis
Morales Chavez, Juan Carlos
Bastidas, Giovanni
Issue Date: 2-Sep-2010
Abstract: The study we will present it will be a great contribution for the small banana producers since by they can realize what flow requirements are needed to change to this new meristemo. We are focusing these requirements on accesible credits to small producers, such as the 5-5-5 credit ($5000 dollars to 5 years , 5%) that the National Government gives though the Banco Nacional de Fomento. It will also serve as a support to SEBIOCA (Espol Entity) to encourage his banana planter clients to change to this new variety of seed in an appropriate way so it won´t affect its regular economy. At last and the most important purpose of this Project is to stimulate the banana productivity in Ecuadorian households, which are affected most of the time because of the low Price (P) that exporters pay for the fruit, increasing the quantity (Q) of banana production to balance the entries (I) of all banana clients in general. This process will help to the growth of the Ecuadorian PIB.
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