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Title: Diseño de un sistema de bombeo para una planta de recolección y procesamiento de aceite usado para reciclaje o reutilización
Authors: Oyarvide Bruno, Reynaldo
Udeos Zabala, Edwin
Anchundia Valencia, Fernando
Issue Date: 9-Nov-2010
Abstract: In the middle Ecuadorian industrial habitually pumping systems in conditions of operation unacceptable either because of a team badly selected, lack of a preventive scheduled maintenance or technical problems work that they happen since the installation of his components takes effect. For this reason, it has been decided to design a system of pumping for an industrial factory it is to recollect whose principal activity and to process oil used for recycling or re-utilization. The fundamental objective of this project is to design a system of pumping that fulfill the conditions of operation required by the process of recuperation of the used oil achieving an optimal performance in case of being produced an increment in the request of production of oil recycled, in addition to expose technical criteria for a correct selection and installation of the pumping groups, and elaborating a program of preventive maintenance to guarantee the service life of all of the elements that intervene in the process.
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