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Title: Métricas de calidad de los sistemas de información – aplicación en la certificación de calidad de un sistema de un empresa del sector hidrocarburífero
Authors: Cochea Tomala, Silvia Jazmin
Issue Date: 30-Apr-2009
Abstract: The thesis that is summarized next, have as main objective to present an evaluation model to the software quality, applied to exploration, exploitations and development of operations hidrocarburiferas company. The organization decided to implement metrics of quality to establish the possibility to obtain the certification of quality in the development from its products software measure; and because at the moment it is very effective the necessity to get the client's satisfaction, the added value that quality represents and intruding in more demanding markets. In the chapter I, is given to know several antecedents and concepts about the quality of systems information; from their evolution until the appearance the necessity of measuring the quality of systems. In the chapter II, models of cycle life quality software, ontologies, quality in the use of metric, process of software evaluation are analyzed; are also analyzed statistical tools that help to the measuring process of quality in the process of certification quality systems information. In the chapter III, are analyzed the standard international of technology information like ISO/IEC, which provide guidelines to evaluate the internal, external and in use quality of the products software. In the chapter IV are the application in the certification of quality of a system in a company of sector hidrocarburífero, where the metrics were determined to measure the quality of a product software, leaving of the comparison of quality parameters of a project with estimates carried out by means of the use of international standard or data that it contributes the experience in other projects, and according to the necessities of the company and to the parameters settled down by the standard ISO/IEC 9126.
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