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Title: Análisis De La Crisis Económica Financiera Norteamericana Y Sus Efectos Colaterales En El Ecuador: Enfoque Teórico (2000-2007)
Authors: Lema Martínez, Jorge Oswaldo
Maldonado Méndez, Luis Reynaldo
Tapia López, Mónica
Issue Date: 8-Jun-2009
Abstract: This thesis work analyzes the behavior of the current global crisis and the impact of this on Ecuador. Basically the work consists of three aspects. First an historical analysis which analyzes the patterns of recurrent major crisis of capitalism that has suffered. Then discusses theoretical aspects on the origin and dynamics of the crisis and finally makes an impact analysis of the crisis on Ecuador. This last point is the biggest part of the analysis because it examines the obvious consequences of the crisis such as the imbalance in public finances due to falling oil prices, the overall decline in the level of remittances and the impact on trade balance, which combined lead to a precipitous decline in the level of reserves, thus the current pattern of dollarization. The methodology uses the mapping and correlation coefficients. The results determine the current state of public finances and especially the role of reserves, as well determining the regions and cities most affected, as well as products that will decrease their level of exports.
URI: http://www.dspace.espol.edu.ec/handle/123456789/5246
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