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Title: Fomento a la conservación del medio ambiente: campaña para impulsar el buen manejo de los desechos
Authors: Chong, Carmen
Martínez, Mario
Espinoza, Alex
Issue Date: 10-Nov-2009
Abstract: Forehead to the need for reduce the environmental degradation, it is proposed the execution of efficient initiatives that allow to undertake an active and permanent plain to promote the care of our environment, using the education from an early age that means to the children. The purpose of this plain is to be concious to the citizen about the responsabilities and environment´s rights, mainly in the suitable handling of the solid rubbishes with simple actions like the principle of 3 R ´s; which one favoures to the rubbish´s reduction the products´ reuse by extending its lifetime and finally it favoures to the recycling. The proposal undertaken in this document incluides organization of graphical material to the plain with informative and attractive content to the children. Between the products planned are: a manual of norms or good practices to the environment conservation, stickers and t-shirts with ecological messages, workshops with recycling materials and the implementation of recycling stations where it is possible to process separate the rubbishes soon to be processed by specialized factories of the city.
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