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Title: Sistema telefónico automático para consultas de deudas y fechas de pago
Authors: Freire Morán, Andrea Solange
López Yaguana, Eduardo Arturo
Astudillo Brocel, Gabriel
Keywords: ASTERISK
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2011
Abstract: The project described in this thesis is one of many solutions to give users for commercial or educational institutions information of their movements in this case of debt in an agile, quick and easy way with a phone call and using a key field to identify in this case the identity card number. When a user makes a call to the telephone exchange this will hear a menu and must enter its ID, according to what it press can take several cases, which are explained in the description of the project. This is a very low cost solution for institutions since all that is used for implementation is open source. Asterisk is used to implement this solution as VoIP server, to make the code that allows the option to use Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI) that have Asterisk, PHP language is used, use a php library “php –agi” that handles all Asterisk options so they can be used more easily in php code and MySQL database is used as data storage engine.
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