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Title: Procesamiento de la malanga en la provincia de santo domingo de los tsáchilas y comercialización de “malanga lista para freír” en la ciudad de Guayaquil
Authors: Arias Herrera, Paola Andrea
Castro Burgos, Sindy Paola
Paredes Guerrero, Zaida Dennys
Mejia Coronel, Marco Tulio
Keywords: MALANGA
Issue Date: 30-Apr-2009
Abstract: The present Project was madden in Guayaquil city, province of Guayas, the main objective was to analyze the acceptation level of introducing a food product that use as raw material a root which scientific name is Xanthosoma Saggitifolium (Malanga) into the Guayaquil market, this root is part of the non-traditional products in Ecuador, in consequence this is a non local exploited product because the lack of knowledge. The present project was justified because it owns a theory value and it can be achieved. Methodologically the investigation was taken from the non-probabilistic perspective and a sample for convenience with the application of a field investigation where the Guayaquil population was taken like the base, getting a sample of 400 people from the calculation of the infinitive population formula with a trust level of 95%. The processed data determined that 87% of the analyzed sample would like to consume the product “Malangas listas para freír” and that the implementation of this project is possible to do and could be rentable.
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